Corporate Values

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of Vela Diagnostics

Vela Diagnostics is committed to delivering medical, technical and economical benefits to research and clinical customers around the world.

  • RNA and DNA analysis
  • Viral targets
  • Genomic mutation identification
  • Strategic pharma and biotech partner programs
  • 14 different sample types
  • Actionable test targets
  • Disease relevant test combinations
  • IVD solutions
  • Automated data reporting
  • Integrated qPCR and NGS workflows
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • IT connectivity and LIS interfacing
  • Up to four assays in a single run
  • Open-channel capability
  • Reduced hands-on time through automation
  • Common instrumentation applicable to different workflows
  • Minimal service requirements

*regulatory status of products is based on regional availability



To be the leading global provider of integrated IVD test workflows that address the individual testing needs of our customers.

Striving to be at the forefront of molecular diagnostics
Clinical relevance, laboratory efficiency and cost effectiveness

Providing IVD solutions to our customers worldwide
A globally supported test portfolio designed and manufactured in accordance with local IVD requirements and regulations

Leveraging true innovations with diagnostic workflows for both qPCR and NGS
Answering the needs of clinicians today and in the future

Serving our customers with the power of standardized versatility
Broad test solutions adaptable and scalable to individual workflow and volume requirements



To empower the laboratory to deliver the most relevant research and diagnostic results.

We strive to enable each individual customer to provide research results and clinically relevant answers with a high degree of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness

We foster talent, skill and passion for our brand in order to generate exceptional value for our customers

We commit to providing solutions that address current and future needs for fast and actionable healthcare information

We provide diagnostic solutions that help to improve overall quality of life

We deliver complete life sciences and IVD solutions based on a broad portfolio of automated qPCR and NGS assays, IT connectivity and LIS interface. Our comprehensive solutions provide the high degree of adaptability and workflow versatility laboratories need